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RespiCare Salt Therapy is a proven therapy to provide relief in cases like:

Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis,

Chronic Cough, Smoker’s Cough, Emphysema, COPD, Interstitial Lung Disease

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How does Salt Therapy help treat Respiratory Conditions

Salt has bactericidal (ie. Killing bacteria), bacteriostatic (ie. Not allowing over growth of bacteria) and T-lymphocytic (ie. Immunity boosting) effects at the cellular level of the body. In the controlled microclimate of the Salt room, the dry salt aerosols of 2 to 4 microns that are generated find their way through the upper respiratory track from the sinuses into the trachea to the bronchi, bronchioles, into the alveolar ducts and ultimately into the microscopic alveoli where the clinical actions of the salt begins to happen at the alveoli where the actual gas exchange happens for the body.

As soon as the dry submicron salt particles are deposited onto the lining inside the airways, 3 things happen in the patient’s body

  • The dry particles absorb a maximum amount of humidity. This causes fluidization which helps to improve the expectoration or release of mucus significantly.
  • The dry salt particles can act as an active agent to decrease infection inside the airways.
  • Dry submicron size salt particles also act as an agent to stimulate the epithelium inside the airways to improve the transport of sputum out of the airways (that is called mucociliary clearance).

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Read our Success Stories from Patients Suffering from Respiratory Conditions

My son was suffering from recurrent respiratory tract infections and allergic bronchitis since 12yrs. He was on daily inhalers, frequent nebulization and on & off steroids. I have tried Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurvedic all in vain. My Uncle who was undergoing salt therapy at Respicare Indiranagar for bronchitis suggested me to try this. When Nebulization with normal saline helps a lot for an allergic cough why not dry salt. So, we decided to try it. After 5 to 6 sessions there was much improvement and now he is not on any inhalers & frequency of infections has reduced a lot.

Thanks to the Respicare team and to my Uncle who suggested this therapy.

The doctor Tejaswini is very friendly & answered all our queries. The staff (Miss. Jayashree & Mr Vishal) are very helpful & co-operative.


Son underwent Allergic Bronchitis treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

My mom was suffering from breathing problem, my father’s friend suggested me Respicare. And we met the doctor who suggested 20 sessions. After taking 20 sessions my mom was feeling good and her breathing problem was reduced, and now she is not taking any medicines we are very thankful to the doctor & Respicare.


Mother underwent Shortness of Breath treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

After one month of Respicare therapy at Sahakar Nagar I feel much better living in Bangalore. I have sneeze-free days now, no running nose all through the day, no more of itchy eyes.I feel so healthy and fit.

Though my symptoms of running nose, itchy eyes continued for initial 2 weeks, i could see drastic difference from the third week and after a month its so much better now. I would recommend this to all to give a try because all of us deserve to stay healthy after all!!!


Underwent Allergy treatment RespiCare, Bangalore

My son is 10yr and was on inhaler 2- 3 times daily for asthma. After our 3rd visit, we stopped using the inhaler as his breathing improved dramatically (very noticeable at night when he is sleeping). Now he hardly needs inhaler, only when he has a cold which has been rare. We now visit RespiCare once a week for maintenance….It’s been 4 months now and I am so happy that my son rarely uses inhaler. I would highly recommend RespiCare to everyone.


Son underwent Asthma treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

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Treatment methodology – Therapy minutes/ Doctor Consultation & easing Symptoms

Salt therapy treatment is carried out under the supervision of qualified Doctors who also specialize in the Salt Therapy treatment modality. The Salt Therapy Specialist Doctor during the Consultation examine the patient, go through their reports, assess the severity and chronicity of the health condition and suggest the suitable salt therapy session package to provide long term relief to the patient. While doing this, the Doctor would also seek a lot of inputs from the patient to really assess clearly how effective the treatment will be for the particular condition. Also there will be the need for the Doctor to check for any contraindicative health condition that may rule out the Salt therapy treatment for such patients.

The Salt Therapy sessions involves 5 to 6 people sitting on a relaxing chair in the salt room. The Halo generator emits micro particles of salt into the room and one has to just normally breathe these particles and watch some relaxing soothing videos listen to music or read a magazine. This treatment is taken for a maximum of an hour or less in a day, 2 to 3 times a week. Depending on the chronicity, age and other health factors the Salt therapy Specialist Doctors at the centre will recommend the total hours of sessions needed for the course. It could vary anywhere between 5 hours to 35 hours. There are no diet restriction for taking the therapy, one can wear comfortable clothes and come over for a relaxing salt therapy session.

The salt therapy regime is side-effects-free and helps people come out of their frequent health woes and help them lead a more active life. Their dependence on repeated dosage of medications and the need for a restrictive lifestyle is avoided. There may be need for a maintenance dose of the salt therapy after a few seasons but that will only help the immunity boosting for the body.

Clinically proven Therapy

The origins of the Salt Therapy treatment promoted by RespiCare can be traced to the Salt mines in the mountains of Europe. Medical Researchers found that miners experienced tremendous health benefit due to inhalation of micro-particles of salt in the microclimate of the salt mines. In fact coal miners with breathing issues used to be moved to salt mines and they would get relief. The salt miners had much better robust constitution and were less prone to respiratory and other immunity related allergy condition.

When the Salt mines were eventually rendered defunct, these salt mines were converted to clinics where people who regularly go for Speleotherapy treatment where they would remain in the precincts of the salt mine, breathe the saturated salt particles in the micro-climate and derive health benefits of improved respiratory and skin conditions. This would also serve as an immunity boosting and general wellness regime.

During the 1980’s Russian Scientists devised a Salt therapy generator, also known as a Halo Generator which would break particles of pure salt that was fed into it, into micro-particles of 2 to 4 micron size, thus simulating the salt mine environment which eventually came to be known as Halo therapy or Salt therapy. Since the 1980’s there are many Salt therapy rooms which mimic the look and feel, the micro-climatic conditions of the salt mine and people who experienced breathing discomforts, lung conditions, low immunity issues would routinely go to these salt therapy rooms to regain their health and to derive benefits from the climatic condition in the Salt room. There are many clinical papers on the benefits of Salt Therapy published by some reputed Medical journals which positions Salt Therapy treatment as a complementary treatment which helps patients and their Doctors deal effectively with chronic conditions while reducing the dependence on medications.

Today there are hundreds of salt room centers across US, UK, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, & Dubai. In Russia many hospitals have built salt rooms within their premises and offer this therapy as one of their primary treatments.

More than 4000 patients have benefitted from Salt Therapy

Are you fed up of popping medications?

Wouldn’t you like to get treated with an internationally accepted Salt therapy that has benefited many?

Get RespiCare Doctor Consultation worth Rs.500 FREE!

call +91 959 000 8899

Get RespiCare Doctor Consultation worth Rs.500 FREE!

call +91 959 000 8899

A Few more Success Stories from Patients Suffering from Respiratory Conditions

An amazing Initiative. Bangalore being the Dust Capital needs this kind of initiatives. Best part is it’s Natural and Cost effective. I highly recommend team Respicare to all of those who needs Cure from Respiratory related issues.


Underwent Respiratory Infection treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

I was suffering from allergy for the past 5 years. despite taking allopathic and homeopathy medicine it has not subsided. once if I stop taking medicine one day sneezing followed by itching would recur. I heard about Respicare and taken salt therapy as advised. I am feeling better without taking medicine. Thanks Respicare.


Underwent treatment for Allergic Rhinitis at RespiCare, Bangalore

If there is one place to go to, for getting your respiratory problems immediately attended to, it is Respicare. They have their branches in multiple locations in Bangalore, which makes it convenient. Well trained staff, excellent treatment & highly effective treatment!


Underwent Sinus Infection treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

One word to all the people out there suffering from Sinusitis, RESPICARE =”MIRACLE “


Underwent Sinusitis treatment at RespiCare, Bangalore

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Benefits of Natural Therapy

Our body is known to be an abode of astonishing healing powers. Our body is a super healer in itself and strives to maintain the natural state of equilibrium. The immune system of our body is sophisticated and it is much beyond our understanding of human physiology and pathology. It is magical and mysterious at times.

Today’s progressive Healthcare experts like Doctors and Wellness experts are working closely to ensure that focus is shifted decisively towards natural and sometimes preventive healthcare so that people can enjoy the fruits of good health for longer. There should be minimum need for any medical & surgical interventions. With the help of these forward-looking healthcare & wellness experts we can look for optimum health, improved quality of life & general wellbeing.

People and Medical experts have realized that there is only so much that medications can do for the patient. Ultimately unless the overall body health & immunity is built-up, there is the fear of need for over-medication which results in side-effects and complications like body not at all responding to any existing line of medications in the future.

Man has to empower his / her own natural healing powers by adopting more natural methods of staying fit and healthy. Holistic approach to health is becoming extremely relevant today. Medical fraternity, Healthcare & Wellness Experts are steering towards an integrated approach to health and wellness.

A Word to our Patients

RespiCare India is the leading natural Skin Therapy centre, specializing in Salt Therapy for skin conditions like Atopic Dermatitis treatment, Eczema treatment & Psoriasis treatment.
Thousands of people suffer daily from such chronic diseases and look for ways on how to cure or atleast get long term relief for these conditions and feel the need for a natural Psoriasis treatment, Atopic Dermatitis treatment, Eczema treatment and are seeking long term remedies from reliable Skin therapists. RespiCare Salt Therapy is a proven and effective natural Salt Therapy treatment in Bangalore with multiple centres. We have treated hundreds and continue to treat many more every day.

Wondering whether your condition can be treated at RespiCare Salt Therapy?

Book an appointment with our Salt Therapy Specialist doctors to find out.

Get RespiCare Doctor Consultation worth Rs.500 FREE!

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Spending time in a salt room offers several health benefits, especially for those who suffer from respiratory or allergy problems. Salt therapy patients are ushered into comfortable rooms with state-of-the-art salt treatment room where a dry mist of rich mineralised salts clears your respiratory airways naturally.

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