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Quit Smoking / Detoxify your lungs with Salt therapy

Sep 14 -15, 2019 |Indiranagar, Bangalore

Awareness campaign from Respicare to help any smoker to keep their lungs in good health and to get rid of any secondary complications caused due to smoking.

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Smoke filled lungs with choking breath,cough that persists day long,unable to withstand that immense pain in chest?

Are you annoyed of your loved ones who are not taking care of their Health by not quitting smoking?

Don’t worry we will help you out.

Respicare has initiated a health campaign to detoxify your lungs from harmful smoke and chemicals.

Please book an appointment today for free screening & Personalised Consultation.

How Salt Therapy can help your Lungs?


Stimulates muco ciliary action & acts like an expectorant

Micro size particles enters the lungs helps to loosen phlegm and clear mucus from the lungs, thus helps in reduction of congestion and reduces smokers cough


Protection from repeated infection

Since salt acts bacteriostatic and bactericidal action (antibacterial and anti virus).


Acts like anti inflammatory

Reduce the inflammation in the respiratory track by thus reducing breathless and proves oxygen supply.one can do more physical activities


Helps in Mental clarity

Since salt is rich in negative ions , negative ions helps in blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to the brain, thus helps in irritability, stress, sleep & clarity of mind.


Improves lung functions

Since salt therapy helps in reducing inflammation in lungs and improves oxygen supply to the lungs

Listen to what Mr Suresh says..

This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for 100!

Please book an appointment today for free screening
and Personalised Consultation.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Harshith B.M.
Dr. Harshith B.M.

Bachelor's degree in Ayurveda (A qualified BAMS) doctor & practising since last 3 years

He aims at working on the ‘Root Cause’ of lungs and Skin disorder. Believes in Natural Healing and says that our body has its own Natural power to heal itself. Dr. Harshith B.M. is in-charge of the RespiCare Malleswaram centre.

Dr. Tejaswini N
Dr. Tejaswini N

Bachelor's degree in Ayurveda (A qualified BAMS) doctor & practising since last 6 years

With her vast 6 years experience in Ayurveda and 4 years of experience in Salt therapy, at present she working with the RespiCare Salt therapy centres. She is very dependable, hardworking and responsible doctor. Dr. Tejaswini is in-charge of the RespiCare Indiranagar centre.

Are you annoyed of your loved ones who are not taking care of their Health?
Dr. Ashwini Gowda
Dr. Ashwini Gowda


She has to her credit the knowledge of Nadi Vaidya Shaastra from Sri Sri College of Ayurveda and has pursed a Post graduation Diploma in Emergency  Medicine from Medvarsity – Apollo hospital,  With an experience of working in Critical Care Management,  She has extensively  been a part of various medical camps,  seminars and Medical workshops

RESPICARE salt therapy can help you by detoxing your lungs from side effects of smoking

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