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Respiratory problems have become extremely common these days. Children at an early age get affected by various respiratory ailments. The reasons may vary but the main reason is the pollution in our surroundings. Respiratory problems can often be identified in the early stages and proper study and identification of the symptoms can prevent further development.

Coughing and wheezing are the most common symptoms that can be observed in children. Wheezing, in general, is a high-pitched whistling sound that occurs when airways get narrow due to internal reasons. The reason can be many. From inhaling foreign particles to the swelling up of the mucous membrane, it could be anything.

Wheezing is common in kids, and one out of every two children experience wheezing in their childhood. Growing tracts or inhaling of some foreign body may be the reason. Even though wheezing is a common symptom, it occurs rarely in the later stages.

Wheezing can be eliminated without heavy medication and proper care and treatment can prove to be a good remedy to relieve children from wheezing. Some homely cures can be adopted.


Mist can be generated in a closed room from hot water or after a hot shower in bathrooms. Breathing mist expands the airways and wheezing can be reduced.


Drinking warm and mild drinks results in the removal of any foreign material that could possibly be restricting the airways.


Syrups serve as a good throat clearing agent and also trigger sleep; it can reduce the chances of wheezing or coughing.


Wheezing can be due to blocked nostrils, nasal drops or washes can help in draining excess mucus in the nostrils.


Smoke can definitely cause many respiratory ailments and wheezing is no exception. Smoking or being around smoke will worsen the condition manifold.

Wheezing is a commonly occurring anomaly; preventions at early stages must be taken. Wheezing should not be discarded as a common phenomenon. It could be the beginning of something serious.

Salt therapy can greatly benefit with wheezing and relieve children of this uncomfortable syptom without causing any harmful side effects.

Are you taking this symptom seriously?

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