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A well proportionate body with the proper ratio of all the minerals is considered to be the healthiest. Every mineral has its significance in the body and any imbalance can lead to problems. The right level of each mineral is to be maintained under prescribed range for a healthy and blissful life. And one must ensure that their diet or activities must not disturb this in any way.

Salt has been a crucial part of a staple diet. For a long time now, maintaining a proper level of salt in our body has been advised because it is highly involved in almost every metabolic activity of our body. Salt intake isn’t the only way of consuming the mineral; our skin also absorbs and releases various salts.

Understanding the significance of salt for our body, various different methods to supplement this miracle mineral to our body were explored. Out of many those experimented ways, Salt Therapy or Halo therapy came into existence. Halo itself means Salt in Greek, and the therapy to supplement salt is known as Halo therapy.

Halo therapy is an alternative form of medicine with zero side-effects that uses the salt and its healing properties. It has a rich past and has been around since 12th century. It was previously called the spa and used Mineral water to supply necessary salt content to the body. The United States and Poland have a great history of usage of various techniques to supply salt to the body.

Initially, there was a lot of opposition for salt therapy because of its unproven cure, later Dr Karl Hermann studied and observed that simple inhalation of salt proved advantageous to the respiratory system and since then, the therapy became an instant solution for many respiratory ailments.

Scientists, later on, studied that the salt inhaled in the therapy enhances the respiratory system as it cleanses the air ways and can also stimulate bronchoconstriction. Salt inhalation can also reduce the chance of asthma severity in a patient. Salt also proved to be an excellent remedy for skin allergies for its remarkable anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.

With the introduction of Salt therapy, dependence on medication was reduced and healing became a relaxing and soothing experience. With no certain rules or measures to be taken, salt therapy became a remarkable healing tool. Affordability and ease brought the therapy great popularity.

Did you know Salt Therapy is a completely natural therapy?

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