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What is Stress?

Stress is an emotional, physical condition which makes a person psychologically weak. Stress is caused when hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol gets released to the blood stream on fast pace. Sometimes stress acts as a boon in avoiding danger. On a major concern stress plays a great role in an individual’s health. Lifestyle changes have been a concern for stress wherein youngsters nowadays are not able to cope up with mild change in their daily routine. There was an era where people used to work hardly and sleep pleasantly. Now scenario has changed drastically. People work smartly, get tensed and sleep for the sake of sleeping and not for fuelling up…

Types of Stress:

1. Acute stress: The stress hormone causes constriction in the blood vessels when we are stressed. This causes the heart rate to increase and this provides more oxygen for the muscles during fight or flight situations.

2. Chronic Stress: This occurs when we have depression since long time or any other chronic health problem for longer time. This chronic stress constructs the blood vessels decreasing oxygen supply for heart causing heart attacks and eventually death.

Health Hazards of Stress:

According to survey conducted by Economic times on 2016, 46% of people who are working in India suffer from stress. The major health Hazards of stress are:

1. Increased heart rate.

2. Hypertension.

3. Cardiac arrest.

4. Stress induced Asthma or status Asthmatics.

5. Death.

Stress and Cigarettes:

Nicotine a main content in all cigarettes soothes the brain causing youngsters to get addicted to get relieved from stress.

What exactly does smoking cause??

The only answer would be death on a long run. For a pleasure of few minutes people get addicted to smoking and directly harm their Respiratory system, Cardiac system as well as metabolism. Smoking has a great impact on the Alveoli of lungs. The tar deposits on alveoli of lungs cause chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. On a long run, people suffer from withdrawal symptoms and even smoking causes stress. The reliever would be a danger if not stopped immediately.

Salt therapy and Stress:

We in Respicare Salt therapy centre work on reducing stress in a very natural and scientific way.

Patient is made to sit inside the salt room which consists of 2-3 fine micron size pharm grade salt aerosol emitted by a machine called Halo generator..

This Salt has an immense capability of reducing stress. The Room consists of negative charged ions which neutralizes the K+ ions of neuron thereby reducing stress.

Salt therapy help an individual to be calm. It also improves the natural immune system thereby keeping the body away from diseases.

What happens after Salt therapy?

1. One feels rejuvenated.

2. Can experience good sleep.

3. Pleasant mind.

4. Good immune system.

5 Diseases would be at bay.

6. Overall lung functions and cardiac functions improve.

7. Proper oxygen will help an individual to work for long hours without getting tired.

Stress is a slow poison, Replicate Salt therapy is an antidote.

Get Antidote before slow poison takes you away.

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