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Almost every illness today finds its relief Through antibiotics. Present environment is more likely to cause several diseases and hence medication is an inevitable method of healing and recovering. From the slightest allergy to the deadliest illness, every ailment has a drug and encourages constant usage for a complete cure.

Unfortunately, medicines have become a part of a staple diet today!

It is definite that proper medication can provide relief from the deadliest of diseases, but are they free from side-effects? Sadly, no. Every drug consumed has a side-effect in that comes with it and it is almost always inescapable. Side-effects may vary in intensity depending on the medicine and the user but they are sure to show themselves.

The most common side-effects include an upset stomach, nausea, and skin irritation. As mentioned earlier, it completely depends on the medicine and the user hence other discomforts may also be noted. Mostly, oral medications affect gastrointestinal system for they are consumed orally and travel straight down to the digestive system.

Most common medicines have also been known to cause mild side-effects. Some of the most preferred cough syrups have such a chemical structure that their consumption causes drowsiness and dry mouth.

Some side-effects may also arise as a result of Drug Interactions. Drugs combined with some other agents may result in internal reactions causing horrific side-effects. Did you know,that consuming alcohol sometimes may result in drug overdose due to internal reactions with consumed drugs?!

Frequent medications must be avoided as it can causean over-dose in the body thus deterring the metabolic activities. Frequent medications may also lead to internal chemical reactions thus inviting side-effects.

The present condition of the body will reduce the chances of side effects that arise due to previously prevailing ailments. Try to learn about the medicine suggested so you know what to avoid while using the medicines. And always take prescribed medication under the instructions and supervision of your doctor. Self-medication is a dangerous trend that is known to cause more harm than anything else.

Though side-effects are unavoidable, proper and timely precautions will diminish the chances of them developing and will certainly help you avoid any health conditions becoming chronic ones.

Look for natural, long-lasting and immunity- building means to ensure that our dependence on medicines can come down and we could live a healthy active life.

How will you avoid excess medication?

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