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Allergies are among the most common ailments and many people are frequently affected. Of all the various kinds of allergies, skin allergies are the most familiar. These affect almost everyone and can be triggered by various external subjects. Unfortunately, most allergies are almost unidentified.

Allergies are a result of a number of reactions of the immune system to foreign, external particles. Skin being highly exposed to certain enzymes is highly prone to get affected by allergies. The most common allergies are Eczema, Hives and Swellings. Any allergic particle can act as a trigger to these infections.

The skin allergies do not actually have a cure. As they are a reaction of the immune system it can either be prevented or controlled. Doctor prescribed medication only reduces the reaction and inflammation. The first measure is to prevent the exposure of the skin to allergic particles.

Salt Therapy is provento give best results for skin allergies as it is a natural and medication free treatment with zero side-effects. Salt therapy is also credited to reduce antibodies that are released by an over-sensitive immune system, this controls and restricts allergies that arise due to excess antibodies.


At least 10% of children are frequently affected all over the world. The chances double when asthma and other respiratory diseases are already present. The disease generally shows up as a rash and irritates the skin. The skin soon develops into a thick, leathery patch and leads to itching. Infants and kids are extremely prone to this and it can easily be triggered by any allergic particle.

Salt therapy reduces the antibodies released, thus restricting allergy. Salt also kills internal and external bacteria and reduces the chances of developing allergies.


This is another common skin allergy that infants and kids are prone to. Dry skin is the main cause for the occurrence of the allergy. Changing seasons or internal deficiencies may lead to a person developing dry skin. Dry skin can often lead to itching sensation and damaged skin. Thick leathery patches may develop.

Salt therapy supplements the required quantity of salt to the skin thus moisturizing and reducing the itching sensation. Maintaining salt content in the body will make skin healthy and radiant.

Salt therapy is proving to be a good healing technique without the involvement of any foreign chemicals and with no side effects. Many ailments can be managed with salt therapy. 

What allergies are you and your family facing that salt therapy can help with?

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