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The world has developed greater opportunities and enhanced technology. Everything got better except the health of human beings. People have never realized that health is real wealth after all.

Almost every illness found its cure and prevention yet the rate of infections has only gone up in the past few decades. Out of the most affected diseases, Asthma, stands first.

The reasons for this sudden surge are many. Though we had the biggest technological breakout the prevention of many ailments is becoming harder.


Asthma is solely a respiratory disease and our surroundings largely influence the probability of getting affected. The first one being pollution. In the name of development, forests have been cleared, air has been polluted and water has been contaminated. Every resource is being abused causing immediate effect on our health. Increase in bacteria and pollutants level in the air we breathe resulted in growing resistance to the pollutants thus shortening the airways. This later on becomes a chronic inflammatory disease causing unease in breathing.


Un-clean and dirtier environment is sure to cause Asthma but clean and neat surroundings too may lead to disease. The growing population shortened the space on earth and it is no wonder that we keep getting subjected to many pathogens and viruses. A study found that larger families are more prone to Asthma than smaller families. High populated areas and cities make the disease easier to affect and harder to cure.


The third and strong reason is the change in lifestyle. Ancient days and people lived with a lot more cleanliness. Along with cleanliness, greater care was taken to eliminate the diseases mostly in traditional ways. With the advent of newer technology, many illnesses like obesity came into play that is solely related to lifestyle in general. Food habits and activities that varied greatly thus growing allergy to pollutants due to lesser and weaker exposure. This in turn raised a respiratory ailment called Asthma.

Developing respiratory illness can be due to any one of the above mentioned causes. Adopting healthier food habits and activities will definitely increase the resistance of the body.  

Today there are ways and means to naturally manage asthma with therapies like salt therapy. Small exercise routines should additionally help to stay healthy and improve the body immunity.

Have you been tackling these challenges on a day-to-day basis?

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