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The History of Salt Therapy

The History of Salt Therapy

A well proportionate body with the proper ratio of all the minerals is considered to be the healthiest. Every mineral has its significance in the body and any imbalance can lead to problems. The right level of each mineral is to be maintained under prescribed range...

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8 Myths About Salt Therapy

8 Myths About Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is the mystical way of effective healing. Inspired by the salt caves of Russia and Ukraine this is the nature’s imitation for an effective, natural cure. Salt therapy has gained immense popularity for its remarkable healing ability without the involvement...

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Spending time in a salt room offers several health benefits, especially for those who suffer from respiratory or allergy problems. Salt therapy patients are ushered into comfortable rooms with state-of-the-art salt treatment room where a dry mist of rich mineralised salts clears your respiratory airways naturally.

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