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We all have dreams, goals and targets we like to achieve. To some it’s better performance at work, to a few it’s to travel around the world and their favorite destinations and others who want to lead a healthy and quality life. But it all boils down to the fact that we need excellent health and lifestyle to achieve both the short and long-term goals we plan.

Here are a few ways to help you stay in excellent health and youthfulness which we all wish to have.

Focus on food – The famous saying “We are what we eat” Is not just a grandma’s tale, Infact, it’s proved by research and analysis. We all know that the body loses old cells and new ones form, but the fact we forget is that this transformation is based on the lifestyle we lead.  Healthy and timely consumption of food  is the key for maintaining the quality of reproduction  of cells in our body on the long run. Sufficient supply of energy and necessary vitamins to the cells occurs only with a healthy diet

Sleep to survive – Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s the truth. Sleep is an extraordinary capacity of the body to replenish itself, the wonders that happen in sleep includes subtle things like increase in your height to larger  function of rebooting your brain i.e your memory is transformed into long term helping you remember your important tasks which is why to remain smart and effective in  achieving your targets in the global world of “Survival of the fittest” you need a good 8 hours of sleep.

Active lifestyle – It’s utmost important to have an active lifestyle, it can include smaller activities like reading a new book to having a hobby like painting, dancing, etc or being physically active through exercises be it hitting the gym, running a marathon or lighter ones like yoga, zumba, swimming, etc. As new activities or learning improves your SEROTONIN levels which keeps you energetic, happy and give a sense of achievement. This promotes youthfulness and prevents premature aging and boosts the health of vital organs.

Stop Procrastination –  Since ancient times many events of global importance have occured due to negligence and thinking of an action or response to be unnecessary.  This behavior of postponing is associated with stress which hampers logical thinking leading to errors. Hence its important to focus on the work at hand and complete a task beforehand, this will allow you to perform better as you get more time to re-check your task and eliminate human error.

Monitor your Sugar intake – Excessive and frequent consumption of sweets and processed foods turn addictive and create the urge to consume then more, this causes an alteration in your metabolism and make you feel a high, this over a long period of time  makes you gain weight, lowers your brain function as it turns you drowsy and increases  the feeling of fatigue  leading to lowered performance levels at work and other activities.

Life is a gift to cherish, make the most of it. Just like maintaining all the gadgets our life revolves around its important to take care of ourselves both the inner and outer self.

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