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The word therapy is constantly getting attention and popularity over the drugs for its natural and medicine free characteristics. The Halotherapy concept is still in nascent stage in India. The therapy has various synonyms as it is also known as Salt therapy and Speleotherapy. In layman language, Halotherapy is inhalation of very fine salt particles.


The inception of this particular therapy was way back in 1800s at Russia. In those days, people used natural salt cave for getting away from various respiratory illness like asthma, bronchitis etc. Salt has many useful properties like anti-pathogenic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for which it can easily heal sinus, allergies and even various skin diseases. Early days, people used to come to natural salt mines or salt caves; who were suffering from respiratory illness and sat there for countless hours to get cured. It was Felix Botchkowski, a health staff from Poland, who originally observed the good effects of salt in 1843. He observed that the miners at Polish Wieliczka salt mine never suffers from respiratory problems that were very frequent among general population. That led to serious beginning of Salt therapy. Later, physicians used abandoned salt mines or natural salt caves to cure respiratory and anxiety patients.

The science behind Halotherapy is very plain. The dry salt aerosol produces by halo generator helps to ease bronchial inflammation, remove pathogenic agents and speedily cleansing the bronchial airways. Unlike other therapy, it has no limitation for a patient for taking Halotherapy session, as it is recognized as 100 percent natural and safe therapy across the word. This therapy is equally allowed to child, youngsters and old aged people.


Halo therapy has been accepted as a highly advantageous and effective drug-free treatment for patients with various forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) in India and abroad. Moreover, it can alleviate symptoms of number of  diseases like Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Psoriasis, Acne, Ear infections, Smoker’s cough, Cold and Cough, Sleep disorders, Depression, Stress etc. In a Halotherapy session, a patient will be located in a salt caves for up to twelve hours per day, breathing in the fine salt powder.

In general, a Halotherapy spa has special rooms in which required environmental conditions are constructed to produce dry salt aerosol. Many researches reveal that natural salt mining a bit more effective in curing respiratory illness. Countries like Poland, Romania has world class salt mines where human body can normalize and rejuvenate with special focusing on respiratory function. In regions, where the natural salt mines are not available, artificial mines are reproduced in form of salt chamber with proven halo generator. These generators create air that saturated with fine particles of aerosol of natural rock salt, which is highly ionized and virtually destroy bacteria, microorganisms and other pollutants.


A typical salt chamber is coated with salt crystals and has an opening at one of the wall where a patient’s face is placed so that the atmosphere of aerosolized fine dry powder salt was available for inhalation. But patient exposed to bench top system provided the respiratory benefit without requiring the patient to be physically located within the chamber. Patient who don’t have much time they can also inhale fine salt particles by purchasing a portable powder delivery system, with immense capacity to increase mucociliary clearance.

Halo therapy has potentially no side effects as amount of salt breathed is very minimal. Most important fact is that, there is no risk of a negative interface with any other drug, making salt therapy an ideal balancing approach. Doctor does generally recommend 14 to 20 sessions to get initial relief. Though, there are some myths on Halotherapy practices, as it produces negative ions which generally destroy bacteria but some researchers has been claiming that it do not cure respiratory illness but merely provides relaxation. There is scientific proves that the salt itself being beneficial once it gets into human lungs. However, majority Doctors and researchers around the world has recognized that it’s a miracle treatment (therapy) as it has been proven its credibility across the world. Thousands of patients suffering respiratory illness are getting relief through this therapy.

In India, Halotherapy is gradually growing up in few metro cities. This therapy demands extensive management in maintain the salt caves or rooms. For which, it’s still in a day dreaming stage for the people live in semi urban places. In Bangalore, it’s getting momentum with establishment of RespiCare, this provides responsive and quality care in cost effective manners from 2012 with the help of multi-specialty with Drug less allergy practice through highly trained and experienced physicians. RespiCare has a unique approach with state-of-the-art facility and first of its kind in Central and South India.

Bengaluru based RespiCare is committed to affordable Salt room therapy from Europe to all ages patients suffering from respiratory allergies like Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Smokers cough etc. It is committed to continually addressing each and every aspect of patient care, from initial consultation through recovery. RespiCare’s unique proactive drugless allergy therapy has been designed not only to take care of the immediate allergy needs of individuals and their families, but also to ensure their optimum allergy wellness.

Halotherapy is making its mark across the world and becoming a boon for respiratory illness people. It will be interesting to see what further benefit it can provide. Indeed, people from across world accepting the therapy and Salt cave industry. Moreover, Halotherapy is natural way to care our health.

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