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Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. Patients suffering from Asthma find relief with salt therapy as it helps under the airways as well as humidifier and fluidize the bronchial secretion in bronchial trees there by reducing the bronchial spasm.

Respicareprovides  responsive and high quality care in a cost-effective manner. Our facility boasts of a state-of-the-art Natural, Side-effects free Halotherapy/Salt room Therapy from Europe,  a first of its kind in Central and South India, an initial examination and assessment of the patient will be performed  by consulting our experienced Doctors who are available Full time at RespiCare centres during all sessions, to make an assessment of your condition and advise the necessary number of sessions according to its severity, if required will be  followed by a diagnostic test. 

After which Each session will be personally designed and fine tuned to the requirements of that particular patient with benefits of duet  counseling, selected yoga practices, guided meditation sessions and interval training to add a holistic approach to enrich your experience and faster recovery from your health condition. During the course of the treatment a PFT test will be performed to critically analyses the improvement in function of the respiratory system.

In this, Salt therapy initiates a natural Asthma treatment as it absorbs the excess secretions from mucosal lining of the airway passages, using natural anti inflammatory ,anti bacterial properties of salt leading to reduction of edema in the mucosal lining. Salt therapy reduces IGE level (Immune system over sensitivity) by improving natural immunity

Asthma patients may start breathing easily after few sessions  and salt therapy reduces the needs of inhalers and antibiotics.

Salt therapy increases resistance to respiratory tract diseases., it is suitable for all age group and it is safe for children and elderly people. There may be need for a maintenance dose of the salt therapy after a few sessions which will help the Immunity boosting for the body..

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