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Eating too much salt is linked to high blood pressure,which can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  However with RespICareSalt therapy you will be inhaling the dry saline aerosol which is free from BP triggering agents as it is not processed salt, rather pure form of Sodium chloride that enters your respiratory system, it does not enter your vital organs like stomach /heart /kidneys.

The concentration of salt in the salt room therapy is 1-10mg/m3 whereas the adults daily recommended salt intake in salt restricted diet is between 1500 mg- 2300 mg, from this you can see that the amount of salt going into respiratory system is really low. Even consumption of that amount of salt instead of breathing it would not trigger any issue. In the lungs however it kills the bacteria, reduce the mucus and inflammation.

 RespiCare provides responsive and high quality care in a cost-effective manner. Our facility boasts of a state-of-the-art Natural, Side-effects free Halotherapy/Salt room Therapy from Europe,  a first of its kind in Central and South India, At our centres after an initial orientation by our staff, you’ll be consulting our experienced Doctors trained in Salt therapy, who are available full time at RespiCare centres during all sessions, to make an assessment of your condition and advise the necessary number of sessions according to its severity,  furthermore you will be continuously monitored and evaluated during the ongoing therapy and maximum care will be provided by the associated staff members in helping you obtain the best treatment comfortably and  achieve the desired results for each patient.

Each session is personally designed and fine tuned to the requirements of that particular patient with benefits of duet counseling, selected yoga practices, guided meditation sessions and interval training to add a holistic approach to enrich your experience and faster recovery from your health condition.  Our efforts are to ensure and create an ambience to make you feel at home and avoid waiting and other hassles generally faced in a health centre. Stepping in to RespiCare should be a step towards overcoming one of the deadliest enemies of health at present, Pollution. To present yourself and your loved ones the precious gift of health.

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