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Our health is the ultimate asset that we need to be assured of. A good and early management of our health will assure a healthy future. Though the prevailing surroundings are more prone to cause health issues, proper care and taking preventative measures can produce better results. Respiratory ailments specifically need more attention.

Asthma is widespread chronic disease that has affected people all over the world. Many children and grownups are susceptible to Asthma. Though treatments came up to restrict this respiratory illness, a continuous watch is necessary. The ailment is often filled with a lot of misconceptions. Let’s look at some of them.

Most children outgrow asthma:

Though children appear to outgrow Asthma, it isn’t certain that this is likely to happen. Many people develop asthma in their adulthood and only show symptoms in their childhood.

People with asthma should not exercise:

The truth is, though intense exercise can act as a trigger to the symptoms regular and controlled exercise can actually help with Asthma. Proper and habitual exercise will give better results.

It is ok to quit medications when feeling fine:   

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease and it isn’t easily managed with short-term medications. Long term medication may seem unnecessary initially, but it is necessary to ensure effective relief.

No improvement in condition means improper intake:

It may not always be true as remedies do take time in improving the condition and the treatment required may vary from person to person.

Smoking will not affect asthma:

A very common misconception people have is that smoking does not affect asthma patients and tend to continue their habits. Smoking only makes Asthma worse and more difficult to manage.

All asthma is the same:

Asthma is not one common disease. The severity and types vary with the reaction to different triggers. The medication and treatment vary with the type, hence proper health assistance needs to be taken.

Oxygen saturation always drops on asthma attack:

This isn’t true as Asthma is a disease of the airway and not of the alveoli which is responsible for maintaining Oxygen saturation levels in our blood. A drop in saturation level cannot assure that the attack is less severe.

No illness is untreatable, proper assistance and regular treatment can completely manage even the dreadful diseases.

What else have you heard about asthma, that may or may not be true?

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