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Satheesh Kumar

Founder Director
Satheesh Kumar Sreedharan who is a domain expert in Salt Room Technology and is a pioneer who introduced this technology in India. Satheesh comes with more than 22 years of Corporate experience in IT Infrastructure Design, Consulting  and Sales field. Satheesh has 7 years experience in Medical Equipment Distribution, Marketing and Sales.

Educational Qualifications

B. Tech in Electronics and Communication from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.

MBA in Finance from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia.


An Expert in Design and Construction of Salt therapy Room using the European Technology and established the First Salt therapy Clinic in India.

Distributor of many Non invasive and Preventive medical equipments in India for Cardiac and Respiratory treatments.

  • SATHEESH KUMAR SREEDHARAN has worked in Corporates Like CMC Limited, WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES as IT Infrastructure Consulting and Sales Team Lead.
  • Satheesh has contributed to the successful completion of IT infrastructure projects of many Indian Corporates and Multinational Companies.
  • Extensively worked on the IT Infrastructure products from Multinationals Like Cisco Systems, Avaya, 3Com, Juniper Etc.
  • Natural Healing Methods, Non Invasive and Preventive Healthcare are the areas of Interest.

Accomplishments & Interests

  • He has established first Salt therapy Unit in 2010 with the technology Collaboration from a European Medical Equipment Company who Manufacture Halogenerators used in Salt Therapy Rooms..
  • Designed and Implemented more than 20 Salt therapy units in India.
  • He is a Co-author of the upcoming book Man Vs Medicine, How to QUIT Over-Medicating & LIVE a Naturally Healthy Life
  • He is a Co-editor of the Health blog www.ProHolisticHealth.com