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DR. K.P. Loknath Kumar

Medical Director

Well-established entrepreneur and a Healthcare Provider for over three decades now with a sound clientele, A ByWord in non-invasive treatments. Dr Loknath's list of accomplishments are endless. Dr. Loknath Kumar has been practicing for over 35 yrs. as Physician and his other experiences include 20 yrs. in C.T. Scan & MRI, 10 yrs. in Bone Densitometry, 6 yrs. in HMO activity, 10 yrs. in Laser Epilation and Vascular Treatment and allied Laser application fields such as Low Level Laser Therapy & MIRE Therapy, and 6 years in QMRTA technology, 2 years in Drugless Allergy Treatments.


  1. First doctor to establish the Biggest Diagnostic Centre in South Bangalore in Radiology, Cardiology, Full Fledged Laboratory including Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Paediatrics, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Orthopedics in 1991.
  2. First doctor to establish a Bone Densitometry Centre for assessing Bone Mass Density and treating Osteoporosis in the country in 1996.
  3. First doctor to establish a non invasive Laser Clinic focused on offering solutions to Hair treatments, Vascular Treatments and allied laser applications centre in the country in 2000.
  4. First doctor to establish Anodyne India Centre for Reversing Symptoms of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in the country in 2003.
  5. First doctor to establish Care Plus - a non-invasive arthritis treatment center in South Bangalore in 2008.
  6. First doctor to establish Respi Care – A drugless Allergy Treatment Centre focused on offering drugless therapy for Respiratory and Skin Allergies in Karnataka in 2013.

Dr. Loknath Kumar is a member of IMA & various medical organizations, interacting with various consultants in all specializations in all disciplines. He is a regular speaker at leading healthcare conferences and several T.V. shows.

Medical Education (MBBS), KMC, Hubli, India. Internship at Victoria,Vanivilas, Nimhans, Minto, Kidwai, Bowring, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology Hospitals.


  • Certificate Holder of World Osteoporosis Council for Bone Densitometry and Osteoporosis, Hongkong - March 2000.
  • Certificate Holder of Laserscope, London for Clinical Laser application & Laser Surgery – Oct, 2001.
  • Certificate Holder of Monochromatic Photoenergy Therapy, Florida USA –April, 2004.
  • Certificate Holder of Low Level Laser Therapy – Toronto Canada – May, 2004.
  • Certified QMRT® Specialist – Bangalore – Mar,2009.
  • Certified Drugless Allergy Treatment (Halotherapy) Specialist – Bangalore – March, 2011.